Cause, Cure and Cancer Free

How I Became a cancer escapee


“Cause, Cure and Cancer Free”

is a book of triumph.

John Marra's triumph over his bladder cancer

goes way beyond saying he's survivor.

John is a husband of 23 years and

a father of four and grandfather of twins.

John decided in his cancer journey not to permit the people

who he loved the most, travel through the horrible vacuum

and vortex of the cancer protocol treatment that most

do take just to be told they are cured with only

the hope that the cancer would not return.

After John's wife was told he was in a life-threatening situation

and had to have four major organs removed, then be subjected to

radiation and chemotherapy. John then realized he literally needed to leave the hospital and decide what was the quality of life

that he wanted at 51 years young.

Through a surgeons knife, would the rest of his life really be of

"normal" quality or could he heal the perfect machine

that God gave him with the ability to cure itself.

John's fascinating journey of fasting, nutrition research,

forgiveness and above all perseverance in prayer and complete diet change showed John how to treat his cancer and what to do next!

John presently resides in Cleveland, Ohio spreading his message

through his willing to talk and explain to everyone he meets his

journey of discovering how our bodies can cure themselves.

John also has written a blog on his cancer journey at:

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John is available for speaking engagements

and talk shows ect...

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John Marra


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Cause, Cure and Cancer Free

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I am currently involved with The Cures in Cleveland Resource Group which is a 

non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

formed to provide support and

educate all on the nutritional and spiritual options to allow the body to heal from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and

many other serious illnesses...

Please check out our website and 

thank you for your support...


Book by Cancer Escapee

John Marra

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